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Rugs by MOODZ


Each rug is unique...

Rugs by Moodz are handknotted carpets in Nepal and India.  The yarn that are used depend on the composition of the rug. We have wool, wool & hemp, silk, viscose, linen and many more.  The Nepalese rugs are handknotted using the traditional Tibetan knot.


The colours are created using pot dyeing.  This traditional way of dyeing requires very little machinery. For each 70 to 80cm width a different person is knotting.  Because of the intense work they can only knot a few centimeters a day. 


Once the carpet knotted, it is handwashed and dryed on the rooftops of the houses.  All this processes makes that the delivery time to achieve a carpet can go up to several months, depending on the size of it.

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